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* Opening July 2021 *


Select from a variety of bisque pieces to paint/glaze such as piggy banks, mugs, cups, plates, bowls, figurines and ornaments, to name a few.  You have access to dozens of glaze colors to customize and complete the item to your liking.  After customizing your design, we will fire the glazed item in our kiln and have it ready for pick up at a specified time from our painting studio. 

Pottery Workshop
Dirty Paintbrushes


Select from a wide selection of stencil designs and pre-cut wood board sizes. You will need to do some light prep of the board to get started. Then, you can follow our original designs or customize your paint colors to create a board sign unique to you.


Select from a variety of canvas sizes and pre-set designs. Everyone in your party can do the same design or choose a different one to their liking.


You will start by outlining the design onto canvas. Painting instructions will be provided for you to follow to complete at your own pace.

Image by Markus Spiske

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